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View our range of roof top bike carriers. Different mounting styles are available including fork and wheel mounts.

All prices are listed in CAD & exclude freight & fitting charges
  1. Quick Release Bike Carrier

    RBC011 Most Popular Product

    A great way of carrying a bike on your Rhino-Rack Vortexroof racks is by using the Quick Release Bike Carrier. It f...

    $182.00 MSRP Compare Add to Wishlist
  2. Quick Release Bike Carrier - 2 Piece

    RBC012 Most Popular Product

    When you need to carry a bike on your roof racks, but the distance between your roof racks is greater then 875mm, t...

    $182.00 MSRP Compare Add to Wishlist
  3. MountainTrail Bike Carrier (Black)

    RBC035 Most Popular Product

    The BLACK MountainTrail roof mounted bike carrier that will fit to nearly any bar you can throw at it. Stylish and ...

    $260.00 MSRP Compare Add to Wishlist
  4. Road Warrior Bike Carrier

    RBC036 Most Popular Product

    Easily to use, sleek and designed specifically to fit C Channel crossbars. The Road Warrior Bike Carrier continues...

    $234.00 MSRP Compare Add to Wishlist
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