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Roof Box Accessories

View the range of accessories to complement your Rhino-Rack Roof Box. It includes fitting kits and wall hangers.

All prices are listed in CAD & exclude freight & fitting charges
  1. Roof Box Wall Hanger

    RWHMF Most Popular Product

    The Roof Box Wall Hanger allows you to mount your roof box securely to the wall to save floor space.

    $99.00 MSRP Compare Add to Wishlist
  2. Wall Hanger Small

    RWHS Most Popular Product

    The Small Wall Hanger holds 80kg/176lb and allows you to mount your large cargo securely to the wall.

    $146.00 MSRP Compare Add to Wishlist
  3. Wall Hanger Large

    RWHL Most Popular Product

    The Large Wall Hanger allows 80kg / 176lb of weight to be mounted on the wall like your luggage box or kayak.

    $147.00 MSRP Compare Add to Wishlist
  4. Heavy Duty Fitting Kit (suits MasterFit range)

    RUBK-MF Most Popular Product

    When mounting MasterFit Luggage Boxes to the Rhino-Rack Heavy Duty cross bars, you will need a RUBK-MF Fitting Kit.

    $77.00 MSRP Compare Add to Wishlist
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