Getting To and From The Slopes These Holidays

  • 22 January 2020
  • Rhino-Rack
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Are you hitting the slopes for this holiday season? Will your next vacation be a snow filled adventure? Then we have a range of ideal solutions for you to carry your gear! We all know just how much space is taken up by skis, snowboards, snow gear and other necessities for the slopes, let alone when they also get wet and you need to travel home! Presenting – our Rhino-Rack Ski Carriers and Roof Boxes!

Our Rhino-Rack Ski Carriers are the perfect solution for securely transporting your snow gear to and from the slopes. Simply fit the skis or snowboards into the carrier, snap it shut, lock it for protection and you’re on the road. There is also a release mechanism which allows you to open and close the carrier with gloved hands, which can save you time from fumbling with unruly tie downs and getting the job done quicker. Having the ski carrier also means you can keep the interior of your vehicle dry and clutter free.  Our ski carriers range in size from 2 pairs of skis, up to 6 skis or 4 snowboards and as an added bonus – in the warmer months they double us as fishing rod carriers!

If the carrier is not your style, you can go for one of our Roof Boxes, which range in size from 320L up to 530L and carry up to 165lbs! Our roof boxes have a unique MasterFit Technology which means you can quickly and safely fit the box using a revolutionary Twist to Tighten & Press to Lock clamping system. They have a sleek and aerodynamic design to reduce wind noise and to take up less space, so you can fit more on your roof. They also look great on your vehicle!

To top it all off, after you have finished your adventures - you can also get a Rhino-Rack Wall Hanger to mount your luggage box (or Kayak or other large item) to your wall when it’s not in use.


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- The maximum roof load of your car as specified by the vehicle manufacturer must not be exceeded. The total roof load consists of the weight of the roof box, the weight of the racks/platform and the weight of the roof box contents

- Pioneer Accessory Bars are required if fitting these products to a Pioneer Platform and may need a kit to attach to Heavy Duty Bars. Check product page for further information.

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